Hello fellow walking enthusiasts. My name is Jane. I’ve been walking for exercise purposes for about 45 years, since my mid-20s. (Yeah, I’m sort of giving away my age. Ah, well, so be it.)

Thanks for visiting my website. I plan to talk about the ups and downs of walking, including pleasure walks and walking for exercise. Now, I’m not a power walker or anything, but I do walk at a moderate pace of 2.5 or 3.0 miles per hour, depending on the weather and my physical condition each day. I’ll also highlight the walking shoes I wear, places where I walk for enjoyment other than my two planned exercise walks, clothing, and reading material like magazines, books, or websites. I’ll also talk about what I listen to while I walk—music and audiobooks, usually. But I’ve always wanted to get back into listening to podcasts, so that may factor into future posts.

I’m glad you found my site and hope you stay and walk with me.

Welcome to my walks.

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